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Baby Boomers revolutionised the world in the 1960s, and now this generation of retirees is bringing new expectations to the sector.

Research shows that this cohort have much different expectations of how they will live in retirement and want facilities that meet their personal needs in terms of security and comfort, but also with the lifestyle they are used to.

Today’s retiree does not intend to slow down just because they have left the workforce but intend to stay active and socially engaged. Bowling greens and libraries are still embraced but so are gymnasiums, restaurants and a place to park the RV or motor bike.

Location is becoming increasingly important with an expectation that shops, allied health and support services will be close at hand and villages are now being designed to integrate into and benefit the local community. With this in mind vertical villages in inner city areas and serviced apartments are gaining popularity as the Boomers downsize from the family home.

National Resident Survey 2018 commissioned by in conjunction with Australian Online Research (AOR) shows that retirement village living is still a popular choice with a net improvement in overall happiness, mental wellbeing, financial security and even physical health.

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