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A Better Way to Live: Stockland Retirement Villages

April 10, 2015 Life in a Village

One of the largest, annual surveys of retirees, involving the majority of the 10,000 residents of 62 Stockland Retirement Villages across Australia, has revealed that one of the secrets to a happy life in retirement is to maintain an active social life as part of a well-connected and supportive community. Read Story

Six star retirement village features incoming residents on its construction hoardings

April 10, 2015 News

With village apartments topping out at $3 million+ at the Mark Moran Vaucluse retirement village and care project the new residents who have placed deposits are obviously excited. So much so that they have happily agreed to feature in huge hoardings around the development site promoting the new village. Read Story

Jim Hazel ignites the imagination with one and five year retirement village and care predictions at the LEADERS SUMMIT 2015

April 10, 2015 News

At our recent LEADERS SUMMIT in Sydney, attended by over 250 retirement village and care senior executives Jim Hazel presented thought provoking predictions for the village and care sectors one and five years out. Read Story

The Sydney forecast it will be 190,000 homes short within 10 years will pressure people to move to retirement villages

April 08, 2015 News

Sydney is facing a housing deficit that will rise by 190,000 homes within 10 years unless local councils accelerate retirement village zoning and the number of new approvals, according to a new Property Council report. Read Story

40% increase in the number of people searching for a retirement village in 12 months

April 08, 2015 News

66,321 people were searching to buy into a retirement village in the last month – that is 2,140 people every day. Read Story

Mark Moran Group recognised by 3rd APAC Eldercare Innovation Awards

April 06, 2015 News

From across Asia two of the Mark Moran group retirement village and care facilities have been shortlisted in the 3rd APAC Eldercare Innovation Awards, staged in Singapore. Read Story

Tribunal rules operators cannot charge for preparing a ‘loan’ contract

April 06, 2015 News

Emil Ford Lawyers report they have been successful in assisting a client to recover overpaid entry fees charged by a retirement village.Emil Ford Lawyers report they have been successful in assisting a client to recover overpaid entry fees charged by a retirement village. Read Story

Top 20 retirement village developers

April 02, 2015 Moving into a village

People have been asking for the full list of retirement village developers following last week’s article. They account for 1,635 units to be built in 2015. Read Story

Minter Ellison’s Robin Lyons warns of rapidly increasing contract complexity for village operators as retirement village and care services merge

April 02, 2015 News

Robin Lyons explains the impact on retirement village operators if they support home care and consumer directed care being delivered into their village. Read Story

Colliers’ Phil Smith reviews the retirement village and care sales market at the LEADERS SUMMIT

April 01, 2015 Moving into a village

National Director, Transaction Services for Colliers, Phil Smith, reviewed retirement village and care transactions across 2014 at the LEADERS SUMMIT 2015 in Sydney. Read Story

Penrith Panthers Leagues Club partners with Maurice Tulich to build a co-located retirement village and care facility

April 01, 2015 Moving into a village

The huge Penrith Panthers Leagues Club will commence building within six months a 108 unit retirement village plus 108 bed aged care facility on 22 ha adjacent to its club in central Penrith. Read Story

Chas Jacobsen advises ‘care’ is vital for village success

March 31, 2015 Moving into a village

Chas Jacobsen returned to the LEADERS SUMMIT this year to provide an open and engaging discussion on how the retirement village world had significantly changed in the past 12 months. Today ‘care’ is both vital for a village to be successful and represents a significant opportunity. Read Story

Brisbane retirement village awarded Best New Development in Auatralia

March 31, 2015 News

QLD’s The Village Group’s retirement village in the Brisbane suburb of Cooparoo was named the Winner of the National UDIA President’s Award for Best Development in Australia. Read Story

LM liquidator sells five retirement villages for $40M while Peter Drake faces court

March 27, 2015 News

$40M will be returned to the mums and dads who invested in the Gold Coast based LM Investment Management Fund which lost $400M when it collapsed two years ago. Read Story

New retirement village development set to hit 2,600 units in 2015 – 50% below target

March 27, 2015 News

Our back of envelope analysis of new unit development in retirement villages across the country identifies 2,600 units will be finished in calendar 2015. This is an increase of 1100 units over 2014, or 73%. Read Story

NZ’s retirement village operator Ryman launches the ‘Nobel’ prize of aged health innovation

March 16, 2015 News

The cash prize will be awarded to the best invention, idea, research concept or initiative that has enhanced the quality of life for the elderly, whether it is related to a retirement village or not Read Story

Australian Unity plans a second medium density aged care and retirement village facility in Prahran

March 15, 2015 News

Retirement village and care operator Australian Unity is reported to have paid more than $20M for a 2,662 square metre factory next to the inner city Prahran train station. Read Story

Manufactured home estate operator Gateway in $300M share listing this month

March 15, 2015 News

The Asian fund raising road show over the past four weeks appears to have paid off for investment banks UBS and Macquarie Group who now look to list MHE operator Gateway in the next two weeks for $300M. Read Story

Peter and Dawn MacKenzie sell nine Embracia care facilities and retirement villages to private family for ~$100M

March 15, 2015 News

After 26 years the founders of Embracia have decided to sell seven of their care facilities plus two retirement villages to another family business, McKenzie Aged Care Group. Read Story

Retirement village veteran Chas Jacobsen says care in villages is vital

March 11, 2015 News

The Village Glen Pioneer Chas Jacobsen reports that over the past 12 months his clientele of retirement village buyers has experienced a 100% change. Read Story

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