Chris Baynes

Resident Expert on Retirement

Chris established DocomeMonday Media in 2005. It is now Australia’s leading retirement living and aged care media group.

Chris Baynes is a a regular writer, speaker and radio commentator on the retirement and ageing sector.

He created in 2005 after a 20-year career in media and real estate.

The retirement sector was brought to his attention by peers who suggested there was no one in supporting the retirement sector in the same way that he was for real estate.

Chris quickly developed a passion for the retirement sector and (after a failed attempt at retiring himself) quickly became a leader, influencer and key commentator for the sector.

Each year assists over 987,000 people make a better decision for a better retirement. Chris’s goal is to provide retirees and their families with everything they need to be able to make the best choices for their future.

Since Chris has gone on to expand his (ageing) portfolio and is now the Founder and Managing Director of, The Donaldson Sisters and The Source.

“I believe our elders deserve our respect and support. They are key to building a stronger and healthier community. To do this, we need to engage in conversation, generate debate and ultimately take action, rather than being passengers."

Chris Baynes

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