Real estate advice from Brian White: downsizing your home

We invited veteran real estate agent and Joint Chairman of Ray White, Brian White, to discuss the rewards of selling the family home.

Why people sell the family home and downsize


McCrindle Baynes


Too big

Maintenance a chore


Quality of life

Free from burden



Unsafe and stressed



Free up capital



No daily contact

Brian White’s downsizing advice


Joint Chairman of Ray White, Brian White, talks about the real estate issues surrounding selling your home and downsizing

Top tips on selling your home


How to sell your home quickly and easily

  • Start early

    Invite selling agents in 3-6 months before for advice

  • Best presentation

    Professional photographs cost as little as $200

  • Declutter

    Open up your home – ask your agent for advice and help

  • Pricing

    Understand the real value of your home for a quick sale

  • Confidence

    Choose an agent you trust to give unemotional advice when needed

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