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ResiRating is Australia’s independent rating of retirement living as rated by residents

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Retirement Villages have taken part of this program and growing.


Retirement Village Managers

78% of retirement villages with a promotional listing on villages.com.au already have a ResiRating.

Join the ever-expanding group who proudly show their ResiRating score.

Through extensive resident research, we identified 5 major drivers for joining a village, making up the 5 star ratings.

We comprehensively report five measurements:


Refers to the sense of community and support within the village


Represents the extent to which the design and maintenance of the home and environment support easy aging.


Represents the peace of mind provided by a safe environment and access to support.


Represents the professionalism and responsibility of the operator and village management.


Represents the overall value for money of ongoing fees.

Generating a ResiRating score out of 5, plus an overall satisfaction rating out of 100.

Check each wellbeing measurement by clicking through to the Retirement Village promotional listing.

“The ResiRating system is based on 10 years of research plus deep resident engagement”

Chris Baynes

Retirement Village Managers

Join the ever-expanding group who proudly show their ResiRating score.

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