Video Transcript

What is a retirement village?

They are Over 55’s communities where independent men and women live active, varied lives, comfortable in the knowledge they have planned their future.

Villages have been operating in Australia for over 50 years and we now have more than 2000 across the country, with over 180,000 residents.

You join a village because you are looking ahead and planning the next phase of your life.

You want a secure and supportive community as you age, plus a home that has been designed to be safe, with no trip hazards and adaptable for home care.

Plus it will cost less to manage than your big family home.

To join a village you or your partner must be aged 55 or over and you must be able to live independently, meaning you can look after yourself and don’t need high levels of medical support.

All villages operate under the Retirement Village Act legislation which delivers you resident protection and outlines the responsibilities of the operator.

Around 900 villages are operated by not-for-profit groups like the Catholics, Anglicans and even the RSL.

And about 1100 villages are privately operated, by local business people or big companies like Lend Lease and Stockland.

So retirement villages are everywhere and they offer you peace of mind, knowing you have taken action to set yourself up for the rest of your life.

The idea is to age well.

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