Video Transcript

How satisfied overall are residents living in retirement villages?

Here at in 2018 we commissioned an independent survey with over 19,500 village residents, asking this question.

Just 7% stated they had degrees of dissatisfaction about village living. Another 7% sat on the fence and 86% said they were satisfied, to very satisfied, living in a retirement village.

Across the 19,500 residents, overall satisfaction is rated 7.9 out of 10.

80% said they would move to a village again while 9% said they would move to an apartment if they had their time over. Just 6% would have stayed in their old family home.

The big important areas of quality of life as we age performed well in retirement villages.

Physical health – 27% of people said their health improved after they joined the village.

Mental well-being – 40% said it improved in the village.

Financial security – 37% felt more financially secure.

The major area where dissatisfaction could occur is communication and respect by the staff. Up to 35% of residents felt they weren’t listened to or their concerns responded to promptly.

This was regarded as irritating; residents have world experience and are after all customers.

But at the same time just 7% said they were dissatisfied with village life overall.

The vast majority of village residents are satisfied that they are ageing well.

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