Chairwoman of RSL Care SA and Retirement Living Council Life Member, Loretta Byers, is strongly pushing back against an “unfriendly” takeover of the RSL Care board by the peak RSL. They want to openly sell all the SA properties – two care facilities and three villages – and keep all the money for the RSL.

And it’s a tough fight. On RSL Care’s website they carry a news item which says:

“The RSL (SA) is now threatening to seize control of the not-for-profit RSL Care SA and sell 100 years of history to the highest bidder, most likely an interstate aged care organisation, so they can get themselves out of their current dire financial position”.

RSL Care SA Chair Loretta Byers said: “In short – they’re trying to quietly take control of a board they don’t run, to sell assets they don’t own, so that they can make a quick buck to fix up their finances”.

This week the RSL failed to get enough new board members voted to override the existing directors but another attempt is expected.

The expectation is that the villages will be sold to Queensland’s RSL Care RDNS.

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