It is important to leave a list of wishes and instructions indicating where all your papers are to be found, what assets you have and what particular wishes you have with regard to cremation or burial.

David: "I had an experience with one estate involving an old chap who was quite wealthy and died in a little hut on a huge parcel of land. Upon his death, his somewhat distant relatives planned his funeral and burial. It was only when they came into our offices to discuss the estate that they discovered the man's wish was to be cremated and his ashes scattered."

"You should really make this stuff known to your executors in writing - where your documents are held, what your assets and liabilities are, and any other special things you can think of to help your executors in administering your estate. These days, more and more people are living on their own and do not have strong family networks, so identifying one's final wishes is imperative."

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