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When doctors at the Royal Melbourne Hospital told Peter Cameron it was time for his wife Fay to move into a residential aged care residence, he didn’t hesitate to make the decision to go with her. “I didn’t see the point of going back home by myself,” he said. “And bringing Fay back home wasn’t an option”. Fay had been diagnosed with dementia and it had become increasingly difficult for Peter to manage her care on his own.


Moving into Benetas Colton Close, in 2017 has been the right decision according to Peter who believes the most important aspect of living there is the level and quality of care that the staff provide for his wife.

“The staff here are wonderful. They take the time to get to know you, and you soon develop a connection that feels more like a family. Here we have the support and help from staff who understand dementia. They look after Fay extremely well, and it is only a matter of time before I will also need the care “Peter said.


Living at Colton Close has enabled Peter to enjoy every day life with Fay as well as develop new friendships with other residents.

With plenty of daily activities available and with his natural gift for socialising and leadership, Peter has become a steady and dependable confidant and friend to many of the residents. He is often seeking out those who haven’t been seen in the dining room or recreation room and taking the time to just sit with them and have a chat or encouraging them to join in a game of dominoes.

With the care his wife receives and the friendships that have been forged, Peter knows that moving to Benetas Colton Close was the right choice.

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