St Ives Carine retirement village in Western Australia launched their newest social activity, movies under the stars, on Saturday the 3rd of February, in a fun new initiative to bring together residents and their families and friends on a regular basis within the friendly village surrounds.

The garden of the Carine village came to life with the first outdoor movie night taking place, and guests enjoyed a tasty dinner, a game or two and watched a screening of Paper Planes together as night fell.

Showcase Catering were on hand to assist by serving the food for over seventy guests, offering their dinner menu as well as an array of treats for during the movie.

The grounds of the village were thoroughly enjoyed by the younger guests. Children were able to play across the communal lawns, some attempted a game of chess on the life-sized board, others played tag with their new friends while they waited for the outdoor movie to start.

St Ives Carine resident Barry also brought everyone together for a paper plane competition prior to the film’s start. Though the game quickly became very serious, with parents and grandparents opting in to prove who was superior at the fine art of paper plane making, the idea brought the multi-generational crowd together through fun and cooperation.

Staff and residents of St Ives Carine reported that it was a wonderfully successful evening, with fun had by everyone in attendance. Due to its popularity, the village community says they are looking forward to the next outdoor movie gathering.

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