Residents of Masonic Care Halls Head Retirement Village near Mandurah, Western Australia, are sharing their outlook on living in a community of like-minded peers, offering valuable insight into the benefits gained when moving into a retirement village.

Cath Jones, a resident at the Halls Head village for the past 11-and-a-half years, said she made the move into the community after wanting to free up some cash for personal use and enjoyment.

The best part, was her delight at finding the village had a keen sense of fellowship with people her own age and with similar interests.

Likewise, Chris and Colin Edwards have been residents for nearly three years. Mr Edwards is a proud member and immediate past president of the Western Australian Retirement Villages Residents Association (WARVRA) and, together with Mrs Edwards, has been involved with villages for the past 12 years as a resident and member of the association.

“We have previously lived in a large village, but can see the benefits of living in a smaller community,” Mr Edwards said.

“There is a greater sense of contentment. It’s the old-fashioned traditional community we grew up with. We watch out for each other, not as carers, but as friends.”

Their friend and fellow resident Robert Fey moved into the village just seven months ago. Although the Mandurah village was initially one of his final options, his new home has him enamoured.

“I did a lot of looking around and Mandurah came up as a last resort,” he said. “Now I love it.”

“This village is totally different to everything else I looked at. It is unusual with its winding paths, archways and burnt orange tiled roof. It has a distinctively Mediterranean feel to it and I immediately noticed the great atmosphere in the village.”

Masonic Care Halls Head Retirement Village’s clubhouse and surrounds have recently received extensive renovations, and provide a wonderful venue for residents to meet for the many activities that occur at the village.

Another great plus is the village’s great location. Being in close proximity to beaches, canals, the estuary and many parks to explore, as well as golf clubs, restaurants and cafes, and medical services in nearby Mandurah – there is no shortage of lifestyle or peace of mind.

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