According to new research from the National Village Survey 2018 the majority (84 per cent) of retirement village residents are happy with their life today – higher than those who stayed in the family home in the last five years.

The survey, carried out by market research firm Australia Online Research (AOR) in January, looked at 19,477 residents across 529 villages. It found a quarter (25 per cent) said their life has significantly improved while over half (52 per cent) said their happiness had increased.

The survey showed the main factors for buying into a retirement village were being able to downsize while physically able (63 per cent); the family home becoming difficult to manage (39 per cent); and concern about future health (36 per cent).

Retirement living was seen as ‘solving’  these issues – allowing you to stay living independently while removing the hassle of maintenance. There’s also the social benefits of living within a community.

Just six per cent of residents were ‘not satisfied’ with their village experience – the same figure as you would have in a standard apartment building.

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