San Francisco scientists have reported that they have found a way to reverse negative ageing on the brain by playing video games. The findings were that a specially developed 3D game of car racing can improve the cognitive performance in healthy aged adults. 

Each participant sits behind the game driving a car around a track looking for pop up road signs but instructed to keep an eye out for one specific sign and pressing a button whenever it appears.  This multitasking effect generates interference in the brain that undermines bad performance. 

After just 12 hours of playing the game, spread over a month, the 60- to 85-year-old study participants improved their performance until it surpassed that of 20-somethings who played the game for the first time.

The training also improved the participants’ performance in two other important cognitive areas: working memory and sustained attention. And participants maintained their skills at the video games six months after the training had ended.
Put away the books while and play a brain strain game.

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