The SA Government has announced it will follow the NSW lead and outsource its in-home care services and some disability services to a private operator.

Around 380 staff and 6,000 clients in home care will be affected by the changes, along with about 700 staff and 10,000 clients in disability services.

In 2015, Australian Unity paid $110M for NSW’s government-run home care services, taking on 4,000 staff and over 50,000 clients.

At the time, the 70-year-old service had a 70% share of the NSW home care market.

South Australia’s Minister for Ageing Zoe Bettison (pictured) told the ABC current staff would not lose their jobs.

“My expectation is you will take a choice of two things – to continue with your client and transfer [your employment] to the non-government organisation,” she said.

“If you choose not to do that and remain within the public sector, we’ll support you with intensive case management and prioritisation to get [you] a job in the public sector.”

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