Edna, aged 91 and still making tucker for her boys

This week the Freedom Aged Care family finalised their new television commercial and ad campaign with one of our real residents and family members, Peter and Edna. This campaign will go live in May this year.

For a sneak peek and behind the scenes of the campaign, click here:  https://vimeo.com/214793872

Peter has grown up with an amazing family, that have truly lived a great Australian life of farming potatoes, sheep shearing, horse breeding and racing, travel and enduring family loss with Peters father, all with true Aussie family spirit.

Capturing just a small part of their story on their family farm ‘Kelso’ in Bellarine Victoria, from sunrise to sunset. This farm has been in their family for over 70 years and has now recently sold due to the everyday busyness of life where Peter can no longer look after the farm, work full time, look after his own family and care for his Mum, Edna.

Until recently, Peters Mum Edna, aged 91 was still making meals for the shearing boys at the family farm. When she had a fall, he realised he couldn’t provide the care she needed and still run the farm, raise his family and work as a full-time firie. Today his Mum enjoys the privacy of her own self-contained unit in a vibrant Freedom Aged Care community. She’s making new friends, gets the nursing and personal care she needs - and wouldn’t you know it – she’s still making tucker for “us boys!”.

We can’t wait to share with you all the final ad campaign, we believe it will be one of our finest and really engage with other families out there.


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