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Bonza Comments - Activities.
They have so many organised communal activities, that it's just amazing.
We are very keen ballroom dancers, Latin dancing, we actually started a ball room club here nearly two years ago now on a Saturday afternoon.
Personally I love the swimming pool, the exercise and I couldn't believe it was all at one level, that it was only 1.1m deep so I can do all my exercise and I'm feeling better for it. I'm feeling better that every second day I just go down there and do exercise. And Bryan loves the gym, hes, as you can see, trim, taught and terrific.
We've got croquet up there. I thought that was a ladies' game but it's far from that. We just join in, we have lovely happy hours and they're just a really nice bunch of people here.
We both go to Tai Chi, and I go to meditation and I'm in the choir here so two or three times a year we go out to nursing homes and 'sing to the oldies'. I mean, we're all oldies in the choir but we go and sing.
We've made the right move, we've made it at the right age of our life. We've settled here now, we've been here 13 months, and everything's good.
We're on the bus every time. No show without Punch! The driver knows - where's Mary and Mavis? We sit behind him and people know that's our seat, they don't dare get in it! It's something to do, and of course for me, coming from South Australia, I'm seeing all the country that I don't know much about.
We are so happy. Do we look happy?

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