Video Transcript

Why do people join a retirement village?

The simple answer is they are planning ahead for themselves.

They recognise they have 10 to 20 more years of living and they want to take action now so they are in control.

For many something has occurred - an event in their life. It could be physical like a fall at home in the garden, or a surprise illness. It may be financial – they recognise that money is getting tighter. Or it may be emotional – loneliness or isolation in the big family home.

Whatever the reason, joining village community is taking action to achieve that peace of mind of being in control of the future.

Retirement villages offer a community of like-minded neighbours who look out for each other and an operating structure where the village management looks after maintenance, emergency call systems and provide passive support through to the end of your days.

It is all about planning ahead and taking action.

For over 50 years retirement villages have delivered this certainty and security for hundreds of thousands of ageing Australians who want to age well.

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