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St Ives Group have published the results of their 2017 survey, which spanned 460 St Ives retirement village households across Australia.

Overall, respondents of the survey returned overwhelmingly positive replies, with the highest commendations given to resident happiness, village safety, and community connectedness.

Safety ranked as the highest village attribute, with 97% satisfaction rate, followed closely by happiness at 95%. Ninety-one percent of respondents reported feeling more connected to their St Ives community than before.

Amenities and services were also evaluated as contributions to the positive response ratings. Inclusions in this group were St Ives’s commitment to 24 hour emergency care, village community groups, and social activities organized across St Ives retirement villages.

With such shining reviews, it is no surprise that 83% of current village residents would recommend the St Ives lifestyle to a friend, another 86% are satisfied with village life, and a resounding 89% say St Ives village life has met, or even exceeded, their expectations.

Although 2017 results were impressive, St Ives Group has promised to strive for improvement this year across all areas to better the already-high quality of village life.

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